All we need is love

All we need is love
All we need is love

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Girl Scout Welcome Back Slumber Party!

This weekend was a blast! I had 12 girls at my house for a Slumber Party- the lovely ladies of Girl Scout Troop 749! It was the perfect way to break in the new year for G.S. for me, as the new troop leader, and for them with 2 new girls joining the group. Here we are in our friendship circle bonding!

We plan on participating in the Susan G. Komen 1-mile walk this weekend, so we all decorated pink t-shirts to show our support! These girls are all so creative and they did a fabulous job!

We ate a big pasta dinner and played some really fun games, including a battle of Guesstures (charades) that team yellow won! Karen, one of the other troop leaders headed up that team! We had a lot of fun!

Then we sat around the fireplace, told scary or silly stories and roasted marshmallows to make gourmet smores! Sara definately wins the prize for best story teller, although it should be noted that Karen Brown nearly made some girls pee their pants with her surprise ending SCARY story. I just wish I could have captured with my camera how truely frightened these girls were! It was hilarious! Emma spun a pretty freaky tale herself! Like mother like daughter! 

After all that outdoor fun, we went inside and played a nailpolish game that the girls loved!
We agreed that their colorful nails looked like Skittles!

 Then ofcourse they stayed up until 1:30 in the morning watching a movie and eating popcorn, all camped out on the living room floor! They barely fit! Then they woke up at 6:30 and enjoyed a breakfast feast of eggs, bacon, sausage, bagels, and fruit. Before they left, they all got a fancy "do"- complete with purple glitter!

I know these girls had so much fun, and I had just as much fun as they did! I am so glad Aria has such wonderful G.S. friends to share her life with and that I get to be a part of making it special and watching along the way!

This is for you, my girl!

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