All we need is love

All we need is love
All we need is love

Saturday, December 1, 2012

A Baby Shower fit for a princess!

A few of my dear friends and I put on a baby shower for one of our wonderful co-workers who is about to have a girl! It had been a while since I had planned a baby shower, so I was looking forward to it- and loving the theme created after the mommy-to-be's love for monkeys and (of course) the color PINK!

Here is a little of what we did. 

The night before, I made some paper crafted decorations, like:

these falling heart streamers. . .

. . . custom napkin rings to fit the theme. . .

A pretty chair, just for the mommy-to-be. . .

. . . lovely little embellishments in honor of the baby on board, like this floral "A". . .

A festive wreath to greet the party guests. . .

. . .and lots and lots of paper fans!

 There were pink and white flower poufs here and there as well.
My favorite site is always the buffet- I like to make it my focal point for the decor theme.

Pictures from the mommy-to-be's photo shoot could be found around the house.

A friend of a friend make this amazing cake with baby animals on it to follow the theme. It was so pretty and fit the decorations perfectly!

The tables outside were dressed with white linens topped with runners in shades of pink and beautiful bouquets of daisies and roses.

We even had a clothes line adorned with clothes purchased for the baby from our party guests.

It was a lovely event! 
I was so glad everyone was able to attend to enjoy it all and shower our friend with pretty little things for her new baby girl.

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