All we need is love

All we need is love
All we need is love

Monday, March 26, 2012

Bleach art and tie-dye

Aria had a friend over yesterday, so we decided to do some t-shirt art in the backyard since it was such a nice day! First up? Bleach art. ***If you are reading this for directions on how to do this project.... go to a different site! We were not successful, unfortunately. But if you are wondering what NOT to do- here's what we did.

First I had the kids change into some junky clothes. Then they cut out pictures from adhesive-backed paper and stuck them to their shirts.

They did a really great job with their designs. It's too bad they didn't come through in the end product.

Next, after a little lesson in bleach safety, they took turns spraying their t-shirts with a solution of 70% Bleach and 30% water.

Cole's was really cool to watch because the brown shirt immediately showed the effects of the bleach, turning it orange!

We had never done this before- and our results showed it!  :o(
 If we try it again, I think we'll be careful not to oversaturate the shirts with the Bleach solution.

But all was not lost- they still had another project to do! Tie-dye! (Cole didn't participate in this one.)
This one WAS a success!

Here's what we did:

The girls tightly tied rubber bands in random places all over their clean, white shirts. They they set up a work place covered with a large piece of plastic and bottles filled with dye.

With gloved hands, they squirted dye onto their shirts in deliberate locations. They soon learned that this was very difficult to do- even with squeeze bottles. It often dripped out when you didn't want it to. This inspired the girls to go crazy with some of the colors!

Aria stuck with a 2-colored theme, and Chloe had broader color scheme!


After letting them sit in separate zip-lock bags for 6 hours, I washed them separately in the washer on a normal cycle with warm water and a small amount of detergent. I placed them in the drier and...


Two adorable little hippie chicks in front of Chloe's shorty VW bus!

Great job girls! Peace out!

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