All we need is love

All we need is love
All we need is love

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My boy's 12th Birthday party

It's been a while since my last post, sadly.... but I'm here now and I'm excited to post a bunch of pictures from Cole's 12th Birthday party! Wow! It's hard to believe I have a 12-year-old!!!

The original plan was to have an artist friend of my sister's draw the invitation and throw a comic book-themed party. Well, that didn't pan out and so with 10 days and nothing but my son's favorite comic book in hand, I am really excited at what I was able to put together!

The color scheme was black, white and red- the predominant colors found in Cole's favorite Manga comic, Dragon Ball Z. Because I planned on ripping out the pages of this very large book to use for the decorations, I thought that would be a great place to start. I used these papers for EVERYTHING! I made large decoupage letters spelling his name, a pennant bunting, cotton candy cones, snack food cones, a wreath, the bands holding the napkin and plastic-ware together... everything! I even made a bunch of mini-comic books with the words blanked out for the kids to color in and write their own captions. It was a great idea and really fun to put together! It made for beautiful and inexpensive decor that held perfectly to our theme!

Here is a pic of the front of his invitation. I ended up drawing it by copying a character I found in a Manga comic that I thought looked like Cole.

The next few pics show what I did with the comic book pages to create the decor! Soo cute!

Cotton candy cones

Wreath for front door
Snack cones held Cheetos

Red candy for the themed table

Cole's cake turned out pretty neat too! It went perfectly with the theme!

 In addition to our traditional water balloon games and a bounce house, we also had a sort-of photo booth set up for the kids to pose for pictures to remember the day. There were a couple of bubble captions Velcroed to the backdrop for each kid to write their own caption inside. Some of them were really funny! 
We're going to use Cole's for his thank you cards!


When it was all said and done we still had an adventure on our hands. Greg and I told Cole he could have his Birthday sleepover that night, so we had a house full of kids to run after... 7 to be exact. It was all a blast and Greg and I were so proud at how we have learned how to pull off a great party without taking out stress on each other. Even more, we are so very proud to have a wonderful 12-year-old son to celebrate with! 
Happy Birthday my sweet boy! 

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