All we need is love

All we need is love
All we need is love

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Melissa's Baby Shower

So here are some pictures from Melissa's Baby Shower. I really wasn't happy with the way this one turned out, except for the little baby sea creatures I created from the invitation to sit on the cake. Originally I wasn't going to make them because I didn't want the cake to look cartoon-ish. But when my design didn't pan out- in many ways- like I planned it to, I thought they could be the only thing to salvidge this cake!  And they did- they stole the show! Aren't they darling? Pictures just couldn't capture how precious these guys were! I know I probably included too many pictures of them, but I couldn't resist! I just couldn't capture in pictures how stinkin' cute they were! I have also included a picture of her invite so you could get an idea of where my inspiration came from.

As cute as these guys were though, nothing could compare to the way these cakes tasted! Once again I am told that this is "the best carrot cake" these people have EVER tasted! I'm not suprised..... Grandma Norman's recipe is the best. She says the recipe came from Greg's Great Aunt "Ted" from Kentucky! Grandma got the recipe on a visit out there when Greg was only 4 months old! Wouldn't it be special if we could have the origin of each special recipe that we use??

Anyhow, I have included a pic of me and Melissa at the end. She was my preceptor at Good Sam. She is a fantastic nurse and a great person and I'm so glad to call her "friend".

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