All we need is love

All we need is love
All we need is love

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Introducing. . . . the Chinchilla Ladies

My kids like to do this thing they call Chinchilla Ladies when they have a sleepover. It's a little involved, and requires help from Mommy, but of course I LOVE that they want me to play with them, so I don't mind. 

We have the kids lay upside-down on the couch so I can draw eyes and a nose on their chins with make-up. Then, we add some hair (either fake or real- if their hair is long enough like Aria's) and an outfit (a dinner napkin taped on their face). We cover their bodies with a sheet and the comedy relief begins! It's hilarious!

 I always video tape them, and sometimes I even post it on YouTube for their friends and family to see. The very first time we did this was for a video birthday card for their Uncle Geoffrey. You can view it here on YouTube. It was my absolute favorite Chinchilla Ladies episode because they were so little (6 and 8 I believe) and Aria had some missing teeth which really made it adorable!
  It's a really fun FREE way to spend an hour or so- no TV- no video games- no computer- no complaining. . . I HIGHLY recommend it.

Let me introduce you to Heidi (Aria)

Here is little Miss Sparkles (Jade)

Here is our sweet little Cupcake (Tatum)

This little filly is Pumpkin (Chloe)

And last but certainly not least is the hilarious Professor Something (Cole)

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