All we need is love

All we need is love
All we need is love

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tools I Love- Scoopers

Scoopers. One tool I never had a decent version of. . . . unitl now. About a year ago I bought myself one of these awesome stainless steel scoopers from my one of my favorite stores, ABC Cake Decorating Supplies, and I have never looked back! They cost about $12 a piece, regardless of the size, but they have nice variety of sizes to choose from to use for all sorts of purposes.
I am sure you are seeing these things and you might be wondering why you would need different sized ice cream scoopers. Well, these babies aren't just for scooping out Ben and Jerrys. They can also be used for portioning out anything that you need consistent amounts of. . . .  like cake batter into muffin tins. Using these, you can scoop out your batter quickly and efficiently, without making a mess and ensure consistently-sized cupcakes. This I love!
Here I have one for regular sized cupcakes and one for mini cupcakes. They can also be used for scooping out cookie dough for perfectly porportioned cookies or even pancake batter. I'm sure the uses are endless, I just haven't encountered them yet!
If you know of any that I haven't noted, you should mention them in a comment below! What do YOU use them for???

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