All we need is love

All we need is love
All we need is love

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A joke a day.....

.  .  .well, it doesn't necessarily keep the doctor away, but it does help to make my kids' lunches fun and exciting!

Do you send notes in your kids lunches?? I do. But lately as they have gotton older, I feel like I need to do it in more conspicuous ways to avoid their embarrassment in front of their peers. After all, I do have a couple of pre-teens on my hands.

Well, one way I have found to send a little Mommy-love and happiness in their lunches is to attach a joke or riddle to one of their foods. During the holidays, I like to write it on papers that fit the spirit of the holiday, like this Halloween bat on their PB&J "Uncrustable". The other side holds the answer to the riddle. I know they love these, because they often talk about them on the way home, or I hear them posing the riddle to their friends after school. Sometimes they even save them! (That makes my heart smile!) 

This may seem like a lot of work in the morning. . . finding colored paper, cutting out fun shapes and coming up with a riddle- I know. So what I like to do is sit down after the kids are asleep while I'm watching something on TV and make a bunch of them ahead of time. I keep them on top of the fridge where they won't see them and then I attach one every few days to their lunch foods. Oh, and I make 2 of each one (one for each kid).

By the way- do you know the answer to the riddle??? Post your answer in the comments below if you think you do!

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