All we need is love

All we need is love
All we need is love

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

How to make sour gummy Lego bricks

My boy  had a Lego-themed birthday party last year and we did a lot of fun projects to prepare for it- like this one..... sour gummy Lego Bricks. I wanted a brick-themed candy to include in the favor bags, but the only ones I could find to purchase were hard candy bricks. I bought those through I knew they would be fun to build with, but not as tasty, so I decided to make these gummies from a post I read on the Instructables website. This was an involved process, but so fun and the kids had a great time helping me!

Here's what we did:

First we had to make a Lego brick mold. I had Cole put together the model for this using a Lego base sheet (about 8"x4") that was bordered by 1x bricks and had different sized bricks in the center, each separated from the other.

Here's what it looked like.

Then we melted *Food-Grade* Silicone in a disposable container in the microwave (following the manufacturer's instructions of course) until it was pourable, tinted it with some food coloring, and poured it into the mold. It's important to tap the mold at this point to get as many of the air bubbles out as you can.
 After it cooled, it was officially set up and ready. We removed the Lego bricks from the mold and you can see what remained!
Very cool!

Next we followed a recipe we found on the same website for sour gummy candies. It's very simple, assuming you can find the magic ingredient (Powdered Vitamin C) which I found at Sprouts, our local health food store. Here's the recipe I used.

Sour Gummy Candy

1 package of flavored Jello
3 packets of UN-flavored gelatin (Knox is what I used)
1 heaping tablespoon of Vitamin C Powder (optional but adds a great sour flavor)
1/2 cup of water

(There are particular ways of mixing the ingredients so that it comes out crystal clear- but I threw out that plan after the 3rd batch. It's very difficult to do and the end result otherwise is still nearly perfect.)


Have a bain-marie (the French, culinary term for "water bath") prepared *a shallow pot filled with barely simmering water for another bowl to be placed in for gentle cooking.
In a Pyrex bowl or heat-proof glass bowl, mix your gelatin and flavored Jello in to the cold water, add the vitamin C powder and stir until fully combined. It will look like wet sand at this point. Now let it rest for 10 minutes.
Next place this Pyrex bowl in the water bath and stir slowly as it heats up and turns into a liquid consistency. Once it's melted, you can let it sit in the water bath an additional 2 minutes without stirring.

Now, immediately draw the mixture into a syringe and carefully inject it into the mold. Cole did a great job at this.

Do not overfill the mold or your candies will all be connected. You won't want to spend time cutting the bricks apart.

Once the mold is filled, place it in the freezer until cooled. Then you can remove them from the mold and enjoy!
*Note- in the beginning they are very sticky. If you place them out to dry on a cooling rack for 8-12 hours (depending on the weather) they will be easier to handle and store.

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