All we need is love

All we need is love
All we need is love

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pretty paper garland

In keeping with the theme of COLOR for Aria's party, I wanted to create a decoration that would add lots of color and fun to the event. I saw this garland on a party blog and thought it would be perfect for this theme. All you need is scissors, paper, thread and a sewing machine to put it all together. Of course, it helps to have a paper cutter to make the preparation a little easier.
Here's what I did.

I used 14 different colors of glitter cardstock paper (white isn't shown here) and cut them into 1" x 15" strips. Then I lined them up in the pattern shown and sewed them straight down the center, without leaving a space between each strip. 

 The resulting effect is this beautiful stream of color that spins and twirls as it hangs. I probably took 30 pictures trying to capture how pretty the effect of this paper garland was, and I just couln't do it justice. I hung most of them like this, but there were others that I swagged across entryways which was just as pretty but didn't spin as much.
Here is a grouping of 7 strands of garland in front of an Arcadia door window.

It takes a little patience to cut out all of the paper strips and put these together... but aside from that- no real skill is required. At first, I was really exact in my process... making sure I cut them out the exact same size... sewing as close to down the center of each strip as I could..... then I realized that even when I got a little sloppy, the end result came out just the same.

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