All we need is love

All we need is love
All we need is love

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Fortune Cookies and Family Fun

Sunday dinner was at our house today. We planned to do an Asian-themed dinner. YUM! We had Miso soup with bok choy and tofu, Beef Saute with peanut sauce, Chinese Chicken Buns, Thai Fried Rice (made by my good friend Vee) and homemade fortune cookies with icecream. It was all so delish!
We even served some Green Tea Lemonade and Cilantro-Lime water. I thought I was so inventive thinking up this Green Tea Lemonade-- turns out Starbucks has been making it forever! LOL!

The food was a hit, but I was most excited to put out the plates of fortune cookies that I had made for dessert. They were super cute! Not only did we have CHOCOLATE fortune cookies
(which were A-mazing),
but we also had plain fortune cookies in white, teal, purple and pink, complete with edible glitter! Aria and Cole helped me think up some of the fortunes to go inside. Some were inspiring, but most were intended to be funny. 
Here's one of the purples- aren't they pretty!?!?

My friend Aubree came to share Sunday dinner with us and finally got to meet my husband. See Greg- she is NOT a figment of my imagination! She especially loved her fortune! I believe it said, "YOUR MANY HIDDEN TALENTS WILL BECOME APPARENT TO THOSE AROUND YOU".

Tatum's fortune was pretty awesome too.

Now Cole- he didn't like his very much. He's not looking forward to starting this year off at a new school. The funny thing is- I wrote this fortune with him in mind. How crazy is it that he should pick this one out of over 50 cookies?

Vee's was pretty spot on too. It said,

Here are some pics of a few of the other cookies.

The best part about the day-- better than all the food and drinks-- was that I was surrounded by most of my family and some of my favorite friends. It was absolutely a wonderful day!

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