All we need is love

All we need is love
All we need is love

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Thank-You Cards Made with Old Crayons

Recently, our good friends did something very nice for us and we wanted to show our gratitude with a lovely home-made card. We attempted this technique we saw someone use on Facebook on a much larger scale. Here's what we did. 
We cut up some blue painters tape to spell the word "Thanks" and attached it to our card stock. Then, we took some old Crayons and hot glued them onto another piece of card stock that we didn't care about damaging. We taped these two pieces of cardstock together, keeping the one with Crayons on the top.

Next, we attached the two pieces of card stock to a cake mix box (simply because it was about the right size and it was heavy enough to not fly away on the breeze). We placed these things on a foil-covered cookie sheet. Although it isn't shown, we leaned this box against a can to keep it at an angle. Then we put it outside in the direct sun to bake for about an hour.

This was the result of our sun exposure. I have to admit though, the white didn't melt as well as the other colors, so if you decide to attempt this project, don't use white. We had to paint over our white section to make the card look right.
Once it cooled, we separated the cards from one another, carefully peeled off the tape, using a fine-tipped object to free it from the card. This part took some time and patience -- especially on areas where the Crayon wax was thicker. If you are not careful, it will break off in large chunks and ruin your art. We learned this the hard way.

The end result is this beautiful card!

Even though they were not happy with the results, here are some pictures of Cole and Aria's noble attempts.

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