All we need is love

All we need is love
All we need is love

Friday, August 17, 2012

Cupcake Liner Award Ribbons

This past weekend, I agreed to help my girlfriend make award ribbons for her daughter's 10th Birthday party. I had made them before so I was prepared to show her what I did. 
She came over toting her supplies along with the cupcake liners that she was using for the birthday girl's cupcakes to show me the color scheme. As she held them in her hand, it donned on her that if she flattened them out, she could use the liners as part of the award ribbons. 
I thought the idea was genius! Not only were these little awards much easier to make than the ones I had made previously, but they matched the party perfectly! Karen, you are one creative lady!

Check out what we did.

So here are the two different cupcake liners we used. 

First we flattened them out in the center, sort of crushing them down in order to maintain the crimped edges of the liner while creating a relatively flat circle.

Then, using a 2.5 inch circle punch, we cut out circles from coordinating cardstock paper that we hot glued to the front of the liner. Doing this helped to keep the liner flat and covered the crushed section. This is also where we planned to attach the award label.

Next, we cut out strips of paper and glued them together to create the ribbon tails. The exact size didn't really matter- you could probably just eyeball it.  

These ribbon tails were glued onto the back of the liner. . .

. . .then covered with another circle punched out of coordinating cardstock.

This it what the party guests ribbons looked like before we added the label. 

We added some little embellishments to the birthday girl's ribbon. Her's had to be the most special- of course!

When we were are all done, we printed out the award labels and glued them to the front circle. We also added a flat-backed safety pin to the back so the party guests could pin them to their outfits.

I can't wait to show you the girls with their ribbons tomorrow after the party! I know they're gonna love them!

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