All we need is love

All we need is love
All we need is love

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sock Bun Tutorial

Do you remember the tutorial I posted at the end of May on how to create the perfect bun?? Well, I have recently learned another technique for this same look and it is much simpler to create. It requires nothing more than a rubber band and a sock! Yup- that's right. . . a SOCK! It's so very cool and easy (once you have done it a couple times) and is a great up do to add to your repertoire. 
So here's what you do.

Before you even touch the hair, you need to make the sock roll. You can accomplish this using any old tube sock. Just cut the straight part off from the rest of the sock and discard the toe portion. (If you use a sock that matches your hair color, it will be much less noticeable if your bun is slightly less-than-perfect and part of the sock is showing.)

Take that straight length of sock and roll it into itself, creating a sort of sock doughnut.

Now, put the hair in a high ponytail. 

Take that sock doughnut you just made and pull the hair through the center.

Now, slide the sock doughnut down the length of the ponytail until a few inches remain and grip it tightly to prevent the hair from slipping out. Do this in an upward motion so it's easier to work with. You should have something that looks like a little hair palm tree sprouting from your fist.

Then, fold the hair evenly around the circumference of the sock, tucking it under your fingers as you go until it looks like this. While keeping your grip on the hair around the sock doughnut, give this bun a twist for some added security.

Carefully and quickly grab hold of the hair-covered sock and begin rolling it under, as though you were turning a pair of socks inside out. Continue to do this until the rolled hair is close to the head. It should look like this finished bun.
Simple City!

At this point you can pin it in place if you want some added security. For longer hair, however, pins are not needed and it should stay on it's own.


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