All we need is love

All we need is love
All we need is love

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The perfect bun- a tutorial

For my daughter's 4th grade production of Twelfth Night, I was asked to help with the hair-do's. . . mainly because many of the girls required a bun and I know of a fairly simple way of creating a nearly perfect bun. Every time I completed a bun, parents and students would ooh and aah at the finished product and then ask to watch the process to learn how to replicate it.
So, I thought a tutorial was in order!
Follow these steps below along with the pictures of this gorgeous blonde head of hair!

Materials: A brush or comb, 1 strong rubberband, a dozen or so bobbi-pins, hairspray (if desired)

Brush out the hair and put it in a smooth ponytail in the location that you want the bun.

Divide the hair in half, creating a horizontal division of the hair.

Roll the top half into a tight curl towards the head using your fingers. Make sure the ends are tucked inside the curl.

Pin the curl down to the rest of the hair using 2 pins that criss cross. Do this on both sides of the curl.

Repeat this process with the bottom section of hair, rolling in down and in towards the hair.

Pin this curl the same as you did the top one, on both sides.

Carefully pull the ends of the curls in to meet eachother, creating a continuous loop, and pin this in place. Spray with hairspray if desired for added security.

Here's my beautiful hair model from the front.

This is an example of what the top curl should look like as you gently pull the ends to create a half circle.

Another completed bun- gorg!

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