All we need is love

All we need is love
All we need is love

Sunday, November 4, 2012

AZ State Fair

On Friday after school, we surprised the kids by taking them to the Arizona State Fair. We hadn't been in years. In fact, I believe the last time we went, Aria was in a stroller! But, we thought now was a great time to go- the kids are old enough to enjoy everything the fair has to offer!

I got to go the the fair a few times as a child thanks to my childhood bestie Debra and her dad who would bring me along on their annual adventure. It was a blast seeing some of my favorite rides from my childhood and going on them with the kids. The nearest and dearest memory for me was probably the slide. It's changed a bit since I last slid down it, but it is still just as fun!

We went on the ski lift and got an ariel view of the entire fair grounds.
They had a Lego exhibit with some really cool Lego sculptures for the kids to admire. This American flag was made entirely of Legos! Cole was in Heaven!

They built a few things and checked out the entries into the Lego build competition.

The ferris wheel- one of my favorite sights at the fair or any event of this type. It's so grand and beautifully constructed. Here was our view from the ski sift as the sun went down.

The kids went on a bunch of rides while Greg and I stood back and enjoyed their big beautiful smiles. 

They played a few games too.  .  .  .

.  .  .  .and won these gigantic prizes!!! LOL!

I absolutely loved seeing and photographing all of the beautiful colors and lights! Everywhere you turned, there was something lovely to see!

Of course we had to eat there. Daddy says that the Fair is one of those places where you can and should eat as much greasy fried food as you want! 
Check out these curly fries!

They were amazing!

Daddy chose a pork chop on a stick!

 Coley and I shared a Cheese Steak and Aria had a healthy bowl of orange chicken!!

Then there was dessert to be had!! 
Aria had the tallest vanilla cone I've ever seen!

Cole had a deep fried Oreo.  .  .  .

YUP! You read it right. 
(It was quite good!)

Daddy had a deep fried Twinky. I shared a deep fried Snickers bar with everyone. 
(I didn't enjoy that one very much.)

I think we all gained 10 pounds from this trip to the Fair. 
So far, no chest pain- thank God! LOL!

 What a fun. . . (expensive) 
memorable trip to the Fair! 


  1. I downloaded the hi res shot of the boy eating the oreo and opened it life size on my monitor. OMG! It is so clear and sharp he appeared to be right in front of me. I cracked up sitting there looking at his facial expression LOL! I just love his pictures. This is my first year in college and I have my own apartment. I would love to be able to put my favorite pictures of this boy on display life size in my room in my large digital picture frame.

  2. I have the oreo pic on display life size in large digital picture frame in my living room and bedroom. I had friends over this afternoon and we were looking at the boy and having a good laugh. Everyone loves the picture. The picture is so clear and sharp he appeared to be right in front of us. Being able to look at him life size is like really cool. When everyone left I want into my room and walked up to him and leaned very close to him. He looked so real like he was right in front of me. I just love the closeness and intimacy of having him appear to be right in front of me. I was looking at him and started to giggle. I could feel myself blushing when I leaned so close my lips touched his and I kissed him. I really love having him around to admire.