All we need is love

All we need is love
All we need is love

Friday, May 11, 2012

Suzi's ROCKin' 41st

Today I took my sister out for a ROCKin' birthday adventure to celebrate her turning 41. I say it was "ROCKin'" because the theme was "rock"- both the literal and figurative forms of the word. This idea came from a joke I shared with a co-worker that ended up turning into a great idea. Here's what we did.

We started out our day meeting at a Starbucks Coffee house mid-way between our houses. Of course there's no better way to start off a fun day, than with a great latte. LOL!

Unbeknownst to my sister, I called ahead and asked one of the baristas to look out for us and write some "rock" related birthday sayings on her cup when she ordered. Initially, she noticed the birthday wishes, but had no idea that he was foreshadowing the thematic day planned for her.

Here we are outside the Buck ready for our adventure to begin. After this picture, we hopped in my car where I played a number of songs befitting her theme. I wanna rock with you- Michael Jackson, Rock this town- The Stray Cats, R-O-C-K in the USA by John Melencamp.... and more. Perfect. 

Next we went to the nail salon to have manicures  an extra-long hot rock massage.
 Suzi found the perfect color- it seemed to be made just for her!

Just a little pampering for the birthday girl.

Then we stopped for a quick lunch where I had a couple of ROCK-star drinks waiting. She was going to need the extra energy for what awaited her next.

Seriously.... what a name for Rock-climbing Gym!!!

I had a little gift for her to open.... although her real gift was the experience.

She had to have something to open.

Party Rock is in house tonight! Everybody just have a good time! (Can you hear it??)

Here she is- all suited up for her first climb!

We had to master this figure-eight knot- it's essential to NOT dying on a climb!  If  you've done it before- you know.... 5 pairs of rope.

Suzi's identifying marks.

We learned how helpful chalk was on our climbs.

Look at her! Amazing!

Here I am, tethering her to the ground.

Then it was my turn! I brought my camera up for the climb. Here I am at the top. It was a LONG way down!

And on my way down!

It was so much fun! I highly recommend it!

Then it was time to leave. What a great day we had! Here is Suzi holding all of the rocks she got throughout the day on our adventures.

Maybe a rock garden is in her future??

Oh... and there was one last rock that got left behind. It was the sweetest one too! I'll have to give it to her sometime soon!

Happy Birthday Suzi! I love you!

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