All we need is love

All we need is love
All we need is love

Monday, May 14, 2012


Aria got a soap-making kit for her birthday and couldn't wait to get it started. So, today we busted it out and made some soap. I say "we" but I really just supervised since she had to use the microwave. It really is so cool to see them doing this kind of stuff on their own now-a-days.
First she placed the clear soap in a microwave-safe cup with a pour spout. She microwaved it for just about 20 seconds until it was liquified.

Next she divided the liquid soap into 4 different containers- very carefully!

Moving quickly to prevent the soap from setting up, she added different colored dyes and perfumes to the liquid soaps.

Then she carefully poured the soap into different molds. She placed the molds in the freezer to set up for a couple of minutes, popped them out and. . . .


Her soaps turned out perfectly!

She decided to package a few of them up and give them away as teacher gifs.

What a fun project!

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